It's Your Park Day 2017 Sneak Peek


As Park Advisory Councils (PACs) prepare for It's Your Park Day this Saturday, June 17th, we talked to some of our park partners to learn about their unique activities!

California Park

by Austin Zamudio, PAC Secretary

CPAC logo by Javier de la Rosa, a senior at the School of the Art Institute

CPAC logo by Javier de la Rosa, a senior at the School of the Art Institute

California PAC was just recently formed, and at the meeting where we elected our four officers, only six individuals were present. Having a park located right next to the Chicago River, and dealing with the possibility of a future river walk along the area, we knew we needed more meeting attendees in order to gain as much input as possible. The Chicago Parks Foundation is essential to spreading the word about our PAC, and we saw It’s Your Park Day as a great way to start a conversation with our community.

Through the “It’s Your Park Day” process alone we’ve already fostered a great bond with our local Alderman, and have reached out to several households in the neighborhood. My favorite part about going out and canvassing is seeing families sitting on their porch, enjoying the weather, and hearing them ask their children, “Want to clean up the park with me?” Simple acts like this emphasize community involvement and inspire a new generation of leaders with a strong sense of civic engagement.

California PAC has tree mulching, trash pickup, and play lot clearing planned for the day. A lot of the households that expressed interest in volunteering are those with children, so I’m sure there will be a lot of little ones running around, making “Where Did My Child Run Off To?” another fun activity!

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Skinner Park 

by May Toy, PAC President 

Skinner Park volunteers at IYPD 2016. PAC President May Toy pictured third from right.

Skinner Park volunteers at IYPD 2016. PAC President May Toy pictured third from right.

Skinner PAC has been participating in It’s Your Park Day since it’s inception in 2015. This has become one of our favorite volunteer work days. Volunteering and giving back to improve a public space to serve a common good has a unique way of building community.  Amazingly, our volunteers really don’t mind all of the hard work. We also work with several local fitness businesses who help us get the word out by encouraging their members to volunteer because they understand the importance of public green space… because it’s yOUR park! 

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Golden Gate & Carver Parks

by Deloris Lucas, PAC President

Golden Gate & Carver Park volunteers at IYPD 2016

Golden Gate & Carver Park volunteers at IYPD 2016

This will be our second It’s Your Park Day. We’re excited to host another day designated to helping our parks. The event gives the Golden Gate & Carver PAC a chance to bring our area residents and park patrons up to date with information on Chicago Park District activities, especially fun happenings in the summer! Plus, we will tour Carver Park and all its benefits including the pool, boxing ring, outdoor volleyball court, teen center, and workout room. We’re hoping to recruit PAC members as well.

Golden Gate and Carver PAC is hosting a Park to Park Bike Ride as our unique It’s Your Park Day event. The bike ride is a way to bring both parks together. The group will start at Golden Gate park and bike to Carver Park. Bikes, helmets, and light refreshments will be provided. The day ends with a concert by Jazz performer Anthony Space from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. We Keep You Rollin’ Bike & Wellness Group started a few years ago in Golden Gate and will inspire other area residents to work on their wellness through bike riding.

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43 parks are participating in this citywide day of service!

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