Bench Dedication


Leave your mark in a Chicago park! The Chicago Parks Foundation's Bench Dedication Program honors significant loved ones and memories in a way that all park patrons can enjoy. Your contribution supports CPF's work while also improving the park itself and leaving a lasting memory. 

CPF will work with you and the Chicago Park District to choose your park location, identify the perfect on-site spot for installation, and craft a special inscribed bronze plaque. 



$5,500  Most neighborhood parks
$10,000  Historic parks (i.e. Grant Park, Lincoln Park, etc.)
*Bench pricing varies dependent upon location and accessibility and may change.


Specific bench style varies by park. CPF will inform you of the style options available. All benches are installed on a concrete slab and include an inscribed bronze plaque (2"x10").


After filling out the initial online form, you will be contacted about a site visit, payment, and next steps. Weather permitting, benches should be installed within 2-3 months. 



Name *
PLEASE NOTE: Final site and location will be decided by the Chicago Park District in coordination with the donor. Benches may be in installed only on Chicago Park District property.
PLEASE NOTE: The plaque cannot contain any signs, symbols, or logos. The Chicago Park District will have final approval of text inscription. Maximum of twenty (20) characters including spaces are allowed per row. Maximum of three (3) rows. (Times New Roman font. Upper/lower case as specified by donor.)
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Each bench and plaque are guaranteed for ten years from the date of installation. Within the ten year term, CPF will replace the plaque up to three times if needed, and will replace the bench up to one time if needed. After ten years, the donation is renewable at the current price with the first right of refusal given to the original donor. If the original donor decides not to renew, the bench may be removed or dedicated at any time. The Chicago Parks Foundation is a 501c3 organization. Please consult your tax advisor on the deductibility of your donation. 

Allowable bench inscriptions are those that: 

  • contain only the name(s) of the donor(s)' loved one(s) (including any official title such as Dr. or Alderman)

  • commemorate the death of a loved one, and in such instances may include the name of the deceased, the words "In Memory of," and a date (either the date of death or the date of inscription)

  • contain the name of the donor(s)' pet (in instances in which the park allows pets)