Flowers for Dreams to Benefit CPF for Month of April

Photo Credit: Hannah Hoggatt

Photo Credit: Hannah Hoggatt

This month, the Chicago Parks Foundation is proud to partner with Flowers for Dreams!

25% of F4D's profit in April will directly benefit Chicago parks. To celebrate this partnership, we got together with Alex Davin, F4D's Marketing Director, to talk about the history of the organization and why they choose to give back to Chicago parks. 

CPF: Why does Flowers for Dreams give back to nonprofit organizations? 

Alex: The company was started with the mission of giving back to the community, and it’s something we’ve maintained as a foundational element of our brand and culture. Our founders originally sold flowers at graduation ceremonies during college to make extra money – and, they donated a portion of their profits to buy backpacks for the low-income CPS school students they tutored over the summer, too. That mindset is something our whole team identifies with today. We believe giving back is more than just a nice thing to do. We see it as one of our core business functions. In just two years, we’ve contributed nearly $200K to some of our favorite local charities.

What made F4D want to give back to CPF? 

Chicago Parks Foundation gives back to the local community, which is something that’s so important to us, too. We’re a super local organization, and we love getting involved with charities that have that local aspect to their mission, too.

Photo Credit: Hannah Hoggatt

Photo Credit: Hannah Hoggatt

How do you think CPF betters the community? 

Chicago Parks Foundation takes the voice of the community into account, rather than just providing what they ‘think’ the community might enjoy. By providing safe, accessible green spaces for the local residents, the Chicago Parks Foundation fosters a more positive community energy.

What is F4D most excited about in April? 

We’re excited about the whole month! But we think Earth Day will be fun — we’re looking forward to getting involved with the park clean-up, meeting some of the volunteers, and giving back to the park community.

What is your favorite F4D memory in a Chicago park? 

We launched our flower truck last year and had some amazing memories in some of the local parks. It’s always great to get out and meet our customers on the truck, and the parks are such fun locations to camp out.

Send flowers today at - they're located right in West Town. And keep an eye out for the F4D truck in Chicago parks this month!

Jennie Scheerer