Team ChiParks Member Spotlight: Jennifer Sharp

As registration closes and our members are finishing their training, we found out what motivates Jennifer Sharp to run this marathon.


I began running five years ago after cancer treatment left me barely able to walk on flat ground. I chose to run in support of Chicago parks because the Lakefront trail is my run away from home.  I live in Nashville but my daughter lives in Hyde Park and every time I visit I run on the Lakefront trail starting at the fawn statue.  I have run in all seasons of the year and it is always an amazing and beautiful.

My favorite run was in the winter when the wind off the lake iced all the trees.  My training has been a little difficult this year as we have had a very hot, humid summer, but I am looking forward to fall weather.

I have had the support of many running friends along the way who continually encourage me.  I am a very slow runner (my racing t-shirt says, “I may be slow but I’m ahead of my cancer”) and I am so grateful to those races with longer finish times which allow me to participate.  Thank you to Chicago Parks Foundation for this opportunity.

There are still spots available on Team ChiParks! Join us for exclusive pre and post race parties just steps from the start and finish lines.

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