Team ChiParks Member Spotlight: Juniper Park's Anne-Marie Tucker


This week we sat down with Anne-Marie Tucker, passionate park advocate, Juniper Park Advisory Council Member, and Team ChiParks marathon runner! Here’s why Anne-Marie runs for the parks.

I chose to run in support of Chicago Parks because I’m an avid user of Chicago’s green space! I completed nearly all of my marathon training along the Lakefront Trail and love the “support system” it provides for longer runs. Most of the time I can be found running the Lakefront Trail. I love that it’s easily accessible from my home. Typically, there are facilities and water available from end-to-end of the trail, so it makes longer runs less stressful. And you cannot beat the scenery! The lake is so calming and the city is so beautiful, every run I take there always feels great.

Anne-Marie and her husband at the Team ChiParks Happy Hour

Anne-Marie and her husband at the Team ChiParks Happy Hour

I decided to run with Team ChiParks after I heard about the opportunity at a Park Advisory Council (PAC) workshop. Since I’d already secured a spot in the marathon through the lottery, I honestly wasn’t motivated to join a fundraising team. However, as a member of Juniper Park Advisory Council, it was almost a no-brainer for me to be able to run with a team that would support my local park’s initiatives. I saw this as an awesome opportunity to give back to the community and collaborate with Team ChiParks.

Through running with the team, our PAC has gained exposure and assistance towards our PAC goals. I also love that friends from all over the country, who may not have been compelled to support my PAC directly, were encouraged to contribute to my fundraising goals, indirectly supporting our PAC.

Although, I was probably one of the last members to join the team, I instantly felt welcomed. Running a marathon is an intimidating task, and it was great to see other members of Team ChiParks out on the course and be able to cheer for them or receive their encouragement. It was also great to have somewhere to relax and celebrate at the end of the race.

My family and I have so many great memories in the parks, but one of my favorite events each year is catching the Air & Water Show at North Ave Beach. Typically, I take my kids out for the rehearsal day on Friday to avoid the crowds. It’s always a great day to enjoy the lake with some added excitement overhead!

Are you a member of a Park Advisory Council? When you join Team ChiParks as a PAC member, 50% of your fundraising efforts will directly benefit your PAC.