Field of Seams: Supporting Youth Baseball in Chicago Parks

This week we welcome guest blogger Matt Murphy, creator of Field of Seams. Read on to learn about how and why Matt supports youth baseball in Chicago parks.

Ever since I graduated from high school and my baseball playing days were over, I was desperate to find a way to stay connected with the sport. After months of brainstorming, I thought what better way to reconnect than to give back to the sport that had given me so much in my life. During this time, I was still at Indiana University majoring in Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation so it made perfect sense for me to start my first “business” as a non-profit organization.


Growing up I always had a baseball seam bracelet around my wrist. It was something I always loved and people around me were drawn to it. I decided to sell these bracelets under the name Field of Seams and donate all proceeds to the Play Ball Chicago initiative. In partnership with the Chicago Parks Foundation, I worked to grow inner city youth baseball and softball in the city of Chicago by donating the proceeds of this fundraiser. I was so excited to not only have my own little business up and running, but to be a part of something that was so near and dear to my heart.

The bracelets are not available for purchase right now, but I hope to relaunch one day in a larger scale. Baseball will always be a major part of my life and I am forever indebted to the sport. I hope people will continue to support Play Ball Chicago and I’m eager to carry this passion with me as I coach my first year at Walter Payton College Prep.

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