Why We Run for the Parks


With the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon only a few weeks away, The Chicago Parks Foundation caught up with some of our Team ChiParks charity runners to see how their training was going. With so many great causes out there to support, our runners chose to run for the parks and families that use them, so we asked why!

Read Team ChiParks runners’ stories, and send a donation to their miles as they approach the incredible Bank of America Chicago Marathon. If you would like to support the runners on race day, please email mdaly@chicagoparksfoundation.org to learn more about the Chicago Parks Foundation race day volunteer experience.


Why Team ChiParks? 
My students greatly benefit from attending museum and parks events, particularly those locations that are situated in downtown Chicago. For this reason among many others, I am running this year in the Chicago Marathon to raise funds for Chicago Parks. 

Where do you like to run? 
Been running at two local parks in Pilsen area. Training is going great! Very zen experience to focus mainly on miles ran. Great break from the hustle and bustle of city life. 


Why run for the parks? 
I am a huge believer in the power of open, public space for a city and its inhabitants to thrive. For Chicago, in particular, I am so impressed by the diversity of park units - typical parks, grand parks, harbors, beaches, gardens - the city has everything! I knew from the moment I moved here that it was important to me to support the organization protecting and developing these spaces. 

How's training going? 
Chicago summers are really fun, and since this was my first one here I wanted to take advantage! That isn't as conducive to running long runs, but I've managed to squeeze in sufficient training so I will feel ready. I've had a chance to explore so many new areas; the southern part of the Lake Shore Path is my favorite because it is so quiet and peaceful, and the views of my skyline make the miles fly by. 

Cassidy's Fundraising Page: https://www.crowdrise.com/CPF2015/fundraiser/cassidymorris 



Why did you choose to run in support of Chicago Parks Foundation? 
I chose to support the Chicago Parks because I am an avid outdoorsman. My favorite things to do are hike and trek around mountains. Chicago has very little in the department of mountains. That doesn't mean I refrain from going outside. I love the Lake Front Trail. It has so many amenities that a lot of people overlook. Even though I'm not originally from Chicago, it feels like home and I wanted the opportunity to give back to my community. 

Do you have any interesting experiences getting ready for the marathon, or in your previous running experiences? 
The previous time I trained for a marathon, I was 7 miles into a 13 mile run and I was cruising down a hill when my right foot came down on a metal latch. Needless to say my ankle twisted and I fell down like a sack of flour. I hobbled 5 miles home. I did not end up entering that marathon because of the condition of my foot. That hasn't happened to me this time. So all systems go and I am looking forward to competing with Kenyans for the first place finish. Haha, just joking! I'm happy when I cross the finish line and I earn a finisher's shirt. 

Nick's Fundraising Page: https://www.crowdrise.com/CPF2015/fundraiser/nickbalazs

To support Team ChiParks and learn more about all our runner check out their crowdrise page. We hope you will come out to cheer on Giovanna, Cassidy, Nick, and all our Team ChiPark runners as they run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday October 11th for Chicago Parks!

Jennie Scheerer