EarthGong Bath: Dream-In 2016


Community members from across Chicago came together to set their intentions for the New Year this past Saturday, January 23rd.


As the red moon rose over Lake Michigan, participants experienced the soothing voice of Gong Lab’s Shu Shubat as she guided them into a peaceful state. The calming sound of bells played by Suwan Choi, Byoung Kim, and Rick Kubes accompanied Shubat. Starting off as a quiet hum and slowly growing to crescendo, the gong captivated its audience for a full two hour meditative session.

Participants started off the evening by lighting a candle as a symbol of their hopes and dreams for the New Year. The candles were placed on window ledges, leaving a soft glow in the ballroom as participants lay on their yoga mats covered in blankets. Throughout the refreshing ceremony the outside light visible from the windows that surround the Solarium Ballroom shifted from afternoon to dusk.

It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.
— Mike Smith, CPF Board of Directors

After the meditation participants awoke with fresh faces. As they slowly made their way out of their meditative state, the beautiful music of Mark Lerro (guitar) and Khari Lemuel (cello) filled the room. Shubat encouraged participants to get up and dance. The ceremony was followed by a delicious Indian-inspired buffet and Auyvereda tea from TeaGschwender.

Due to the positive response we got from this event, we are thinking of hosting another one in the future. Stay in touch with Chicago Parks Foundation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (@chiparksfdn) for updates! To view all the photos from the event, click here.

Thanks to our sponsors!

Jennie Scheerer