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Every great city has a philanthropic partner to help support their parks. The Chicago Parks Foundation has made that commitment to be a diligent and accountable partner for the Chicago Park District. Founded in 2012, the Chicago Parks Foundation provides financial and program support for Chicago parks and park programs. Among the largest municipal park managers in the nation, the Chicago Park District manages more than 580 parks, 24 beaches, 11 museums, 10 harbors and 9 golf courses.

The Chicago Parks Foundation was created to maintain long-term stability and increase park use for Chicago community members at all socioeconomic levels. The Chicago Parks Foundation supports bringing together families, keeping children safe, promoting healthy, active lifestyles and preserving Chicago’s urban green space.

Our Mission

The Chicago Parks Foundation’s mission is to build a stronger community dedicated to supporting and conserving parks in Chicago.

Our Core Principles

  • Collaborating with individuals, corporations, foundations and community organizations to understand community needs and prioritize resources
  • Providing relevant and purposeful programming to the Chicago community
  • Celebrating donors, partners and volunteers
  • Measuring success with transparent metrics

Our Vision

Through focused relationship cultivation and management, the Chicago Parks Foundation is the strategic partner for the coordination of fundraising and charitable resources for the Chicago Park District. The Chicago Parks Foundation is dedicated to protecting Chicago’s parks, making them relevant and accessible for ALL communities, by instilling a sense of stewardship in this generation and for the future.

Our Strategic Plan

  • Solicit support from individuals, corporations and foundations to support Chicago parks and park programs
  • Connect with neighborhood-based organizations to better understand community needs
  • Develop meaningful, long-term relationships to ensure the sustainability of park programs and facilities


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Board of Directors

The Chicago Parks Foundation Board of Directors is a group of executives with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise who cultivate initiatives that enhance our Chicago parks. To learn more about our Board of Directors visit our page here.

Auxiliary Board

The Chicago Parks Foundation Auxiliary Board, comprised of young professionals, cultivate their own initiatives and goals to support the Board of Directors and the foundation in our mission to enhance Chicago parks. To learn more about our Auxiliary Board and how to get involved, visit our page here.



Willa Lang
Executive Director


Sara Kalish
Director of Development

Heather Roeper
Manager of Special Events

Jennie Scheerer
Communications Specialist


Roz Skozen
Development Consultant 

Angela Sorrentino
Manager of Community Outreach