2019 Details Coming Soon • Co-hosted with the Chicago Park District, the annual Park Advisory Council Conference brings together over 300 PAC members, representing 90 parks, who are the eyes and ears of their communities. Workshops, speakers, resource materials, and networking sessions allow our park advocates to brainstorm new ideas, discuss critical issues, and come together in the collaborative spirit of the Chicago parks! 



2018 PACC Presentations


The 2018 PAC Conference sessions were full of resources and tips from a wide variety of experts! Missed a session or want to share what you learned? You can download a copy of the presentations by clicking on the titles below, or watch video recorded at the conference.


Keynote Address
Janet Austin, Chicago Sculpture International

"How It Happens: Special Event Permit Process"
Dennis Muenier, CPD

"How It Happens: Night Out in the Parks"
Krista Bryski Richard, CPD

"How It Happens: Program Partnerships"
Alonzo Williams, CPD

"Jump On Board"
Cameron Croft, All A-board Alliance

"Creative Brainstorming"
Anita Gilkey & Sean Ortiz, CPD

"How We Did It: Craft Beer Fundraiser"
John Friedman, Horner PAC

"How We Did It: Farmers Market"
Dayna Calderon, McKinley PAC

"How We Did It: Planter Boxes"
Peter Normand, Pottowattamie PAC

"ReCenter: Creativity, Civic Action & Cultural Organizing in Our Parks" Meida McNeal, CPD


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