Gong Sound Meditation

Dream In Your New Year:
A Sound Meditation with GongLab & Special Guests

Activate your dreams for the coming year with a guided meditation of elemental renewal, set to the powerfully resonating sounds of gongs, otherworldly vocals, and orchestral instruments. Join us at the beautiful South Shore Cultural Center and set your intention for the New Year during a 90 minute guided sound journey, followed by light bites, aromatic teas, and conversation. Before the meditation, explore the world of wellness at our opening reception featuring mindful local partners displaying unique sensory experiences.

Proceeds from this fundraising event will benefit the Chicago Parks Foundation’s mission to build a stronger community dedicated to supporting and conserving parks in Chicago.

$45 includes guided sound meditation, light bites and teas, and a mindful gift. Purchase tickets here.

Free parking available. Light refreshments served. Guests are requested to dress comfortably and bring blankets, pillows, mats or other items to create a cozy personal space. Volunteers will be on hand to assist as needed.

Evening Schedule 
3pm – 4:30pm  Opening reception with wellbeing partners & set up of personal spaces
4:30pm – 6pm  Sound Meditation (featuring GongLab & Special Guests)
6pm – 7pm  Light bites, teas & conversation

Thank you to our sponsors! 

Check out a video from 2016:

What is a Sound Meditation? 
Sound Meditation is the practice of deepening meditation with the use of sound and music. The beautiful sounds bring balance and harmony to the body, promote positive energy, and are a powerful way to cultivate a sense of wellbeing. 

More about GongLab…
GongLab is a nomadic laboratory dedicated to community ritual and healing. Shu Shubat and Oliver Seay combine practices and teachings of spiritual Wisdom Traditions, Jungian therapeutic modalities, and Mindfulness techniques to create powerfully harmonic community experiences. For the past 4 years GongLab has been the featured guest at the Medicine Buddha Retreat co-lead by Lama Lobsang Palden and Indo-Tibetan Buddhist scholar Dr. Robert Thurman at Tibet House’s Menla Mountain Conference Center in upstate New York. Oliver is a critically acclaimed percussionist and composer, a Reiki Master and a Vortex Healing practitioner. Shu is certified instructor of the Realization Process, (body centered meditation), a  graduate of the Clinical Training Program in Analytic Psychology at Chicago’s Jung Institute, a vocalist, musician, and the former Artistic Director of the renown Jellyeye Drum Theatre, which she co-founded with Seay in 1992. The instrument most central to GongLab‘s work is a 38″ gong tuned to the frequency of the Earth as it transits around the Sun. This same vibrational signature is attributed to the seed sound OM, thought to be the Primordial Sound, and the very ground of our Being. In their ongoing exploration of holistic, earth based teachings, the Earth Gong serves as an actively resonant metaphor for the encircling reparative energy of the “Great Mother,” – the eternal life force that fuels all life.