Welcome Park Advisory Council Members!

This page serves as a home base for PACs. Learn about PAC events, partner with CPF on fiscal sponsorship, and share your best PAC practices with others!

Check out the Park Advisory Council Page on the Chicago Park District Website.


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Piano in the Park at Washington Square Park, Summer 2015

We want to hear your PAC stories!

Contact Erica Acosta at eacosta@chicagoparksfoundation.org to have your PAC featured on the “PAC Spotlight” section of our blog.

We recently featured Washington Square Park Advisory Council, read that blog here.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Park Advisory Council Conference this year!

Park Advisory Council Conference from Chicago Parks Foundation on Vimeo.

Upcoming Events:

It’s YOUR Park Day: June 17th, 2017
Contact Erica at eacosta@chicagoparksfoundation.org to participate.

Check out our Community Events page for more!

Does your PAC have an event coming up? Contact Michaele Strauch at mstrauch@chicagoparksfoundation.org to feature your event on our website.

It’s Your Park Day 2016 from Chicago Parks Foundation on Vimeo.


Coming Soon…PAC Resource Guide!

Learn how to become a PAC, how to work with the Chicago Park District, how to get in contact with fellow PAC members and more!


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