Fiscal Sponsorship for Park Advisory Councils

The Chicago Parks Foundation is proud to present any interested Chicago Park Advisory Councils the opportunity to join the fiscal sponsorship program and banking platform between the Chicago Parks Foundation and our official banking sponsor, MB Financial Bank.

We thank you for all you do to support our Chicago parks. Our Park Advisory Councils often are the eyes and ears of our beautiful parks. We appreciate you and value what your PACs bring to our collective work. The following benefits are included in or fiscal sponsorship program:

Benefits of joining the program include:

  • Free banking account with MB Financial
  • Ability to use CPF’s 501(c)(3) status to help fundraise for tax deductible gifts
  • Use of sales tax exemption on park purchases related to PAC projects 
  • Business cards provided for PAC outreach
  • Regional monthly phone conference to share events and ideas with neighboring parks
  • Bank of America Chicago Marathon “Give-Back” Program (details to follow) 
  • Event planning guidance
  • Quarterly park-focused workshops
  • Discounted invites to select CPF events

Thank you for teaming up with the Chicago Parks Foundation!
We look forward to working with you to enhance our parks and communities!


MB Financial Locations near the parks 

We are thrilled with MB Financial’s generosity when designing this banking program for Partnerships for Parks. PACs will receive multiple benefits with the MB checking account set up through Partnerships for Parks. If you sign up for the program and are approved, your PAC will receive free checking and online banking with no minimum balance. 

To apply for the program, your PAC must:

  1. Submit the agreement for fiscal sponsorship through the Chicago Parks Foundation and the $75 payment made payable to the Chicago Parks Foundation. DOWNLOAD Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement
  2. Upon receipt and approval of the application, CPF will provide you with the appropriate materials for applying for MB Financial’s banking program. Please return these to us, and we will submit the forms to MB so you can start setting up your account.
  3. After account set up, your PAC will receive CPF Federal Tax ID letter and sales tax exemption letter.

Again, we are pleased about the opportunity to provide this service to your PAC, and hope it results in fruitful fundraising and programming for your park!

DOWNLOAD Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement

Please fill out the application and send it to Erica Acosta at

Questions? Contact Erica at (312) 742-5795

Applying for a grant? Let us know! Fill out an Intent to Apply Form.

FAQs on Fiscal Sponsorship

How is Partnerships for Parks different than another type of fiscal sponsorship program?

Chicago Parks Foundation’s Partnership for Parks program offers PACs fiscal sponsorship along with the free checking with no minimum balance as well as access to Forefront resources. In order to sustain our support of your PAC, workshops on bookkeeping, budgeting, and other topics will also be offered throughout the year for PACs who join the program.

Will the account come with a debit card?

Yes, a debit card can be ordered. You will only be able to use it with the PIN. Any purchases over the dollar amount available will be declined.

Does the Chicago Parks Foundation assess a fee for funds collected or checks issued to CPF?

No fees will be assessed, but we encourage PACs to collect, account for and acknowledge gifts accordingly.

How do we acknowledge gifts?

Donor gifts should always be recognized with an acknowledgement letter from your PAC. Upon joining, your PAC will receive the appropriate language to include in your PAC’s unique acknowledgement letter for donations.

 What happens if I overdraw the account or bounce a check?

Any items above the available balance in the account will be declined. You will be responsible for any fees incurred.

How do I access my accounts?

Online banking access will be set up for all signers.  Temporary User ID/Passwords will be sent individually.  Mobile Banking is also available.

Connecting Communities Award – Application Closed

Park Advisory Council Conference

Co-hosted with the Chicago Park District, this yearly conference brings together over 300 PAC members, representing 90 parks, who are the eyes and ears of their communities. Workshops, speakers, resource materials and networking sessions, allow our park advocates to brainstorm new ideas, discuss critical issues and come together in the collaborative spirit of Chicago parks.

Park Advisory Council Conference 2017 from Chicago Parks Foundation on Vimeo.

Check out the photos from the event here! 

Check out the Story Booth Interviews here! (More stories coming next week & throughout the year) 

Thank you for attending the
2017 Park Advisory Council Conference!
Let us know what you thought of the event: 

Create your own user feedback survey

2017 Presentations

Park Reality Mapping

Community Collaboration to Keep Parks Safe

Strategic Partnerships

Bringing Resources to Your Park

2017 Event Sponsors

2017 Resource Fair Participants

Thank you to everyone who attended the
2016 Park Advisory Council Conference!

PAC Conference 2016 Photos
Park Advisory Council Conference 2016

Company Service Days



The Chicago Parks Foundation connects companies to the heart of our communities, providing a unique opportunity for employees to work together to keep our parks clean and beautiful. With over 580 Chicago Park District parks, we are able to coordinate park improvement projects for companies in neighborhoods across the city.

For more information about our Creative Company Service Day Program and to coordinate your one day project, contact Erica Acosta at or (312) 742-5795.



  • Social media presence on Chicago Parks Foundation Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Opportunity to highlight your company on our blog Seeing Green
  • Team bonding and socialization
  • Helping communities city-wide
  • Learn more about the mission and programs of
    Chicago Parks Foundation

  • Communication with Chicago Park District supervisors
      • Our team will help choose the right park and
        project for your objectives
  • Coordination of all projects and materials for event
      • Materials may include gloves, tools,
        garbage bags, mulch, etc.
      • Projects could include trash pick-up, mulching
        trees, refilling playground woodchips, and others
        (with prior approval)
  • Activation of park space with educational staff activities, snacks and drinks

Check out our recent blog highlighting a few Creative Company Service Days we hosted during Summer 2016. 


Grant Partnerships

The Chicago Parks Foundation manages grants on behalf of the Chicago Park District which directly benefit Chicago parks and park programs. Partnerships with Bears Care, Chicago White Sox Charities and Cubs Care, enhance programs, strengthen relationships and improve recognition opportunities.

The CPF is grateful for the continued support from all our Legacy Partners and welcomes the consideration for new grant opportunities that will benefit our Chicago parks and community programs.

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